India and China have moved back to a mutually agreed distance in Galwan in the first round of disengagement process takes place in Ladakh. Gotra & Hot Springs will follow. What can be concluded from this process, who gained or lost what and how do India & China verify whether each side is keeping its promises. And the fascinating origin of the phrase so common today: trust but verify. Shekhar Gupta lifts the layers in episode 516, #CutTheClutter

Zoonotic diseases are those that are transmitted from animals to humans. ThePrint’s Sandhya Ramesh discusses some of the common ones, some other ongoing zoonotic outbreaks, and a stark UN warning about increasing risk of newer outbreaks.

Due to internal conflicts, not all is well in Maharashtra's Shiv Sena-Congress-NCP coalition government. In this episode of Politically Correct, K Singh explains the issues faced by the government and what this could mean for the future of the coalition.

China has suddenly conjured up large territorial claim deep inside Bhutan. Where & what is it, and what is China telling India as de-escalation begins in Ladakh and as a two-aircraft-carrier US Task Force arrived in South China Sea. In episode 515 of ThePrint's #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta with a wide sweep

Over 200 aerosol experts have reportedly written an open letter to WHO asking the organisation to revise its guidelines about airborne transmission of the virus. ThePrint’s Sandhya Ramesh wades through the confusion about airborne and aerosol transmission, and what the science says.

A letter sent by Dr Balram Bhargava, the Director General of ICMR pushing for a 15 August release for indigenous Covid vaccine, Covaxin triggered questions about its safety and efficacy. Can clearance processes be cut short and how does Covaxin developed by Bharat Biotech & NIV work? In episode 514 of ThePrint's #CutTheClutter, Shekhar Gupta lifts the layers, and lists the 4 vaccines cleared for human trials in India

India, China and Pakistan all want territory from another. But it’s a pursuit doomed to fail as they can’t get it without annihilating the other.

#ThePrintUninterrupted Arvind Gupta is PM Modi's go-to person on the digital space, heads Digital Foundation of India and is a former CEO of MyGov, the government's one-stop digital information space. In this interview with ThePrint's National Affairs editor Jyoti Malhotra, Gupta explained why it was important to ban the 59 Chinese apps and why the ban on Tik Tok shows there is no quid pro quo

Children can transmit Covid-19 as well as adults, finds a new study from Geneva. ThePrint’s Sandhya Ramesh wades through the confusing and contradictory research so far on the topic.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan finally expanded his cabinet Thursday but 14 new ministers are from the Jyotiraditya Scindia camp & not even MLAs. This, with trends from other state shies how BJP BJP is getting ‘Congressised’ with high-command culture & feeble CMs. In episode 512 of ThePrint's #CutTheClutter, @ShekharGupta dissects this politics, and also tells a fascinating story of two fine Army Chiefs & another India-China stand-off which took 9 years to end.

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