Politics has come alive in India, with defections such as Jiten Prasada and Mukul Roy, and rumblings in key BJP and Congress states. More significantly, the stage has shifted to the states. Shekhar Gupta explains in episode 767 of #CutTheClutter

In this edition of #ThePrintUninterrupted, Senior Consulting Editor Jyoti Malhotra spoke to Dr Monali Rahalkar, genome scientist at the Agharkar Research Institute in Pune, who stayed up nights along with her husband during the lockdown to make some connections with a possible lab leak or an escaped animal accident at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Controversial NCBS-Bengaluru study of bat viruses in Nagaland, believed to be over in 2019, continues. ICMR mum on probe. Govt doesn't want to own up either study or probe.

Read full article here: https://theprint.in/health/nagaland-bats-wuhans-bat-lady-us-defence-funds-lost-icmr-probe-indias-virus-mystery/674478/


Nestle recently acknowledged that over 60% of its food and beverage products are unhealthy. Studies have also found a link between decreased vitamin D level and frequent consumption of instant noodles.

Read full article here: https://theprint.in/opinion/in-indias-booming-junk-food-market-there-is-little-room-for-nutrition/675688/

Scientists have managed to thaw microscopic, multicellular worms called Bdelloid rotifers, from the Siberian Permafrost ice, dating back to 24,000 years. ThePrint’s Sandhya Ramesh explains how these animals survive such long periods of dryness.

Amid reports that Boko Haram chief Abubakar Shekau blew himself up to avoid capture by rivals, Shekhar Gupta tells you about the Nigerian terrorist group, its increasingly powerful offshoot, and why the problem of extremism in Nigeria and the wider Sahel region is nowhere near over, in episode 766 of #CutTheClutter

India’s defence planners need to ask themselves what the purpose of the Army is — to fight internal battles or external?

Read full article here: https://theprint.in/opinion/take-indian-army-out-of-counterinsurgency/674097/

Punjab & Haryana are among the states that fare poorly on the use of harmful nitrogenous fertilisers and groundwater, according to the Niti Aayog India Index 2021.

Read full article here: https://theprint.in/india/governance/niti-aayog-index-shows-agriculture-booming-in-punjab-haryana-but-environment-paying-price/674710/

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